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Skipper Seabold jsseabold@gmail....
Wed Mar 14 07:38:24 CDT 2012

On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 1:37 PM, Andreas H. <lists@hilboll.de> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think everyone agrees that the webdesign of scipy-central.org needs some
> major enhancements in order to make the site appealing to users so that
> they want to stay, browse, and use it.
> I think it would make sense to make the site visually similar to the main
> SciPy site (new.scipy.org), so that users can already "feel" the
> connection. I'm mainly talking about colors and fonts here.
> Also, a logo would be good. For a start, maybe we could use the main SciPy
> logo, but eventually, scipy-central should have its own, similar logo.
> Then, a sidebar would be nice. Possible blocks for the sidebar include
> 'links to core and related projects', 'what is SciPy', ... ideas welcome.
> If you agree, I could start playing around with the templates/css over the
> next weeks.

A humble suggestion for the layout, if people don't think it's done to
death, bootstrap may be appropriate here [1, 2]. I've had good luck
with ideas from bootstrap at least if not the whole framework. E.g, I
find a CSS grid system to be aesthetically pleasing [3, 4]. There are
many more examples than the given links. I find it saves a lot of the
work of design from scratch.


[1] http://blog.baregit.com/2012/bootstrap-or-not-bootstrap
[2] http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/
[3] http://960.gs/
[4] http://cssgrid.net/

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