[SciPy-User] ANN: New PyData mailing list for pandas and other data-related projects

Andreas H. lists@hilboll...
Fri Mar 16 03:46:55 CDT 2012

> This domain will soon become a portal for data scientists (analysts,
> hackers, whatever term floats your boat) who use, or want to use,
> Python.
> Plans for this website are nascent, but the intention is to provide
> better resources for new people entering the ecosystem (e.g.. which
> packages to use for each problem domain, cookbook-like examples for
> problem domains, access to open data sets, simpler installation &
> setup, conference/tutorial/meetup announcements, etc.)
> The specific mechanism for creating & curating the website are
> undetermined. A wiki is the right philosophy, but functionally has
> some real drawbacks. Regardless, the goal is to make the website
> community-driven.

I'm wondering if there are possible benefits of coordinating the
scipy-central.org and pydata.org websites? It seems to me that we're
beginning to develop two new portals for users, which are close enough in
focus. As a users, I wouldn't necessarily know whether one or the other is
better for my needs. Maybe the community could benefit from putting all
effort into one site?

Just my 2 cents ...


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