[SciPy-User] OSX, Python 3.2.2 and NumPy/SciPy

Chris Share cpsmusic@yahoo....
Fri Mar 23 06:28:23 CDT 2012


I'm new to Python however I have a reasonable amount of programming experience (C/C++).

I'm currently working on OSX (10.6.8) and I've installed Python 3.2.2. OSX also comes with Python 2.6.6.

I'm interested in scientific computing so I'd like to install Numpy/SciPy. I've managed to do this for the 2.6.6 version of Python however I'm unclear as to how I do this for the 3.2.2 version.

According to the 3.2.2 installer ReadMe:

The installer puts applications, an "Update Shell Profile" command,
>and a link to the optionally installed Python Documentation into the
>"Python 3.2" subfolder of the system Applications folder,
>and puts the underlying machinery into the folder
>/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework. It can
>optionally place links to the command-line tools in /usr/local/bin as
>well. Double-click on the "Update Shell Profile" command to add the
>"bin" directory inside the framework to your shell's search path.

How do install NumPy/SciPy so that the 3.2.2 version of IDLE can access them?

Is this possible?


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