[SciPy-User] ier-integer in optimize.leastsq

Johannes Radinger JRadinger@gmx...
Mon Mar 26 05:11:24 CDT 2012


Some months ago I started already this topic,... Now, while writing my
manuskript this topic comes up again. I am using the optimize.leastsq function
and would like to describe my results especielly the "ier-level".

If ier in my result is 1, then the solution which was found ensures a ftol-"quality", resp. the sum of squares for the relative errors are below the ftol value?
As I didn't set any ftol value, the default value is used. Therefore, in the case of optimization
results with ier=1, is it possible to state:

"For all fitted solutions the relative errors in the sum of squares are below the desired standard value of 1.49012e-08" ???

Where does this standard value come from?

Best regards,

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