[SciPy-User] feature extraction from an image.

Zachary Pincus zachary.pincus@yale....
Fri Mar 30 09:31:58 CDT 2012

> Dear scipy users,
>        I am facing difficulty in the extraction of specific feature from an
> image from a time series.

In general, you may want to investigate the tools in the scikits-image ("skimage") package:

> There is a small speck which is irregular in shape within the circular region of the domain.
> I am trying to calculate the velocity at which the speck is moving based on
> this.  A sample image is attached.

This could be a very easy task or a very hard task, depending on a lot of information about the timeseries images that you haven't provided:
(1) Is the circular region constant in size/position/coloration?
(2) Is the "speck" constant in shape/coloration?
(3) Are there other transient "specks" or other sources of noise?
(4) Are there multiple "specks" at once?
(5) How many time-series do you have? How many frames per time-series?
(6) Are there variations (in any of the above features) between the different time-series you have that may not be present within each single time-series? (Such as differences in coloration or position of the circular region?)
and so forth.

Perhaps you could post a sample timeseries somewhere online and provide a link, so that it's easier to get a sense of the problem?

Also, where is this data derived from? Perhaps that information would help formulate a good solution.


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