[SciPy-User] ndimage/morphology - binary dilation and erosion?

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Sat Mar 31 11:24:38 CDT 2012

While preparing some images for OCR, I usually discard those with low DPI,
but as this happens often I thought to try some image processing and
on suggestion (morphological operations) I tried ndimage.morph with idea to
play around binary_dilation

Images were G4 TIFFs which PIL/MPL can't decode, so I convert to 1bit PNG
which I normalized after to 0 and 1.

On sample img I applied:




I attached result images, and wanted to ask two question:

1. Is this result correct? From what I read today seems like what dilation
does is erosion and vice versa, but I probably overlooked something
2. Does someone maybe know of better approach for enhancing original sample
for OCR (except thresholding, for which I'm aware)?


[image: Inline image 1]
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