[SciPy-User] ndimage/morphology - binary dilation and erosion?

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Sun May 6 03:49:19 CDT 2012

> (http://luispedro.org/software/pymorph#see-also):
> "mahotas is another Python image processing package, but most of its
> functions are in C++. It is, therefore, much faster for the operations
> it supports."

Skeletonization with "pymorph" is indeed very very slow

I found very nice example how to do this just with "ndimage" and in a
blink of a second time:

def sk(i, r):
    x = ndimage.distance_transform_edt(i)
    y = ndimage.morphological_laplace(x, (r, r))
    return y < y.min()/2

For example in pylab mode:

In [1]: from scipy import ndimage
In [2]: im = imread('clip.png')[:,:,0]
In [3]: imshow(sk(im, 5), cmap='binary', interpolation='nearest')

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