[SciPy-User] is it possible to constrain the scipy.optimize.curve_fit function?

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Thu May 17 04:51:05 CDT 2012


there was a big discussion about this a while ago, and the short answer is,
currently there is no 'automatic' way to do it.  However, in your case,
it's pretty easy.

Simply define:

def func (x, a,b, r):
     a = abs(a)
     b = abs(b)
     r = abs(r)
     return r + a*np.power(x,-b)

And that will do the trick.  If you need to more complex boundaries, you
can simply use a combination of period functions with a given amplitude or
what have you.  Alternatively, there are *a lot* of optimization libraries
available for Python that are not a part of scipy that offer the
possibility to specify boundaries.

For example:



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> Subject: [SciPy-User] is it possible to constrain the
>        scipy.optimize.curve_fit function?
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> Dear scipy users,
> I'm trying to fit to data a power law of the form :
> def func (x, a,b, r):
>      return r + a*np.power(x,-b)
> I would like to constrain the curve_fit routine to only allow
> positive parameter values. How is it possible to do so?
> Kind regards,
> Mathieu
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