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Thu Nov 8 18:57:40 CST 2012

On 8 November 2012 23:19, Alex Leach - Gmail <beamesleach@gmail.com> wrote:

> Great news guys. The Expokit author, Professor Roger Sidje, is perfectly
> happy for Expokit to be used in SciPy. He just likes to keep a tab on
> things, for appraisals and such like.

It certainly sounds like he's happy to see the code reused, but I'm not
convinced that his e-mail technically provides the necessary permission:

> All I say is, feel free to use/modify the software any way you want.

This statement appears to grant a very permissive license, but it doesn't
mention any right to redistribute the code, which is key.

> Please consider this response as a plain acknowledgment that Expokit can
be embedded/released under GPL.

Unfortunately, we can't integrate GPL licensed code into Scipy, as Scipy is
BSD licensed. To integrate that code, we'd need to get a similarly
permissive license. I've just found this handy page:

He might not be willing to give us that - he wants to ensure he knows about
who's using his software, which is a requirement you can't embed in a
permissive license. I think it's worth a try, though. A couple of points
you could use:
- We're also keen to know who's using our software, although we don't make
it compulsory for commercial users to tell us. E.g. IPython maintains a
list of projects using IPython, which we use to demonstrate impact.
- He could grant a BSD license to just the bit of the code we're interested
in, rather than all of Expokit.

Kudos for working on this,

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