[SciPy-User] scipy.linalg.lstsq default method

Damon McDougall damon.mcdougall@gmail....
Sat Nov 10 16:58:14 CST 2012


I think it would be a good idea to explicitly say in the documentation
what (default) method is implemented when calling basic interface
scipy.linalg.* functions. I had someone ask me how I solved a
particular minimisation problem and "I used scipy.linalg.lstsq" or "I
used backslash in Matlab" are not particularly enlightening.

After looking at the lstsq code, I see that an SVD method is used.

Do others agree adding this to the documentation is a good idea? If
so, I'd be happy to open a github pull request for this (and others).


Damon McDougall
Institute for Computational Engineering Sciences
201 E. 24th St.
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The University of Texas at Austin
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