[SciPy-User] cubic spline interpolation using scipy

Stéphanie haaaaaaaa flower_des_iles@hotmail....
Thu Nov 22 09:23:02 CST 2012

        Hello everybody,
I have dataset which look like this :

position number_of_tag_at_this_position
3 4
8 6
13 25
23 12

I want to apply cubic spline interpolation to this dataset to interpolate tag density; to do so, i run :

import numpy as np
from scipy import interpolate`
x = [3,8,13,23]`
y = [4,6,25,12]`
tck = interpolate.splrep(x,y) # cubic`

And now, i would like to calculate the derivative of the function at each point of the interpolation, How can i do this ?
Thanks for your help !

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