[SciPy-User] cubic spline interpolation - derivative value in an end point

Paweł Kwaśniewski pawel.kw@gmail....
Fri Nov 23 06:52:19 CST 2012

Can you give an example of the experimental data you have? I suppose you
could find a way to transform your data into a [coordinate, value] matrix
and then reflect it... Otherwise, I'm not aware of a way in which you could
impose the derivative to be 0 in a given point (which does not mean there
is no way to do it).


2012/11/23 Maxim <spamaxx@gmail.com>

> sorry, just one more short comment.
> I can’t just symmetrically reflect data from [0;1] on [-1;0] to construct a
> spline interpolation on [-1;1] because of particularities of the
> experimental
> data (it's not just a set like [coordinate, value]).
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