[SciPy-User] cubic spline interpolation - derivative value in an end point

Maxim spamaxx@gmail....
Fri Nov 23 07:26:12 CST 2012

Here is an example:
I need to determine a temperature profile in a substance. The system has
cylindrical symmetry so I need to determine 1D profile along a radius.
I parametrise profile with cubic splines. That means that I define a grid like x
= linspace(0,1,20) and y-values are parameters that I need to find.

I have two types of measurements: the first one is usual measurements like
radius-temperature, the second one is integrated measurements (integrals of
temperature along arbitrary lines (which are not diameters).
If I try to reflect measurements symmetrically from [0;1] to [-1;0] then it
causes a problem with integrated measurements (how to reflect them correctly)

And in fact it causes lots of calculations which are absolutely waste and could
be avoided by just defining a value of derivative.

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