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Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Tue Nov 27 08:37:01 CST 2012

I accidentally replied to Pawel off-list. Here's our exchange:

Hi Andreas,

You're right, yum info does not require a sudo. To be honest, I was lazy
and didn't even check this - I just copy-pasted the install command and
changed the 'install' to 'info' in my previous e-mail. But that's a good
point - not reason for using sudo where it's not necessary.



2012/11/27 Andreas Hilboll <andreas@hilboll.de>

    Hi Pawel,

    > The versions available in the repositories can be viewed by running:
    >> sudo yum info numpy scipy python-matplotlib ipython python-pandas
    > sympy python-nose

    I'm not a Fedora user at all, but are you sure that yum really needs to
    be run as sudo in order to print information? If not, I would vote for
    leaving out the `sudo` for the `yum info` call.

    Cheers, Andreas.

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