[SciPy-User] Bessel function of complex order

Martin Fally martin.fally@univie.ac...
Thu Oct 4 08:14:28 CDT 2012

Andreas Pritschet <webmaster <at> hasenkopf2000.net> writes:

> Hi,
> I have noticed in the docs and some "bug reports" that Bessel functions
> in SciPy support only real order. But for my work I require a modified
> Bessel function of second kind of complex(!) order for complex values.
> Is in SciPy a chance of calculating something like
> scipy.special.kv(1j*k,1j), whereby k is an array??
> Thanks and best regards
> Andi

I would also need Bessel functions of the first kind of complex order. I found a
paper on an algorithm in the NIST DLMF how to calculate it, however, awsome

Looking forward to a tough programming genious to implement it into SciPy,

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