[SciPy-User] error function with complex argument

"Claas H. Köhler" claas.koehler@dlr...
Tue Oct 9 11:28:42 CDT 2012

Hi list!

I have a question regarding the error function scipy.special.erf:

Is it intended, that the erf of an imaginary argument yields a non-vanishing real-part?

I get e.g.
erf(1j)= 1.6504257587975431j
erf(5j)= (1+8298273879.8992386j)

The first result is what I would expect in accordance with Wolfram alpha. The second result, however,
has a real part of unity. As far as I know, the real part of erf should always vanish for purely
imaginary numbers.

Any support would be appreciated.


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