[SciPy-User] Very simple IIR filters?

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Mon Oct 29 08:09:09 CDT 2012

I have noticed that scipy.signal lacks the simplest class of IIR filters 
(in fact the one I use most frequently). Specifically:

- RC (single-pole)
- Notch
- Band-pass (inverted notch)
- Anti-DC (zero at DC)

These are of course very easy to construct and use with sp.signal.filter 
(and/or filtfilt). But I think it might be beneficial for some users to 
have them in scipy.

Due to their size, they can be make a bit faster by running the loop in 
Cython instead of using sp.signal.filter (though I've never had use for 
this optimization).

Would this be a useful contribution?


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