[SciPy-User] Someone with OSX 10.7/10.8 please test

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Tue Oct 30 03:11:09 CDT 2012


If someone with OSX 10.7/10.8 can lend a hand and test this
code change, help would be appreciated:


Namely, what needs to be done:

    git clone git://github.com/scipy/scipy.git
    git remote add pv git://github.com/pv/scipy-work.git
    git fetch pv
    git checkout pv/accelerate-ffc

Now, rebuild Scipy from these sources, install to some temporary
location, and check

    import scipy
    print scipy.__file__ # <- check you get the right one

    python -c 'import scipy; scipy.test("full", verbose=2)' > test.log 2>&1

Look for failures that look like this:


There shouldn't be any of those. Then compare to the master branch:

    git checkout origin/master
    rm -rf build

and rebuild, and re-test. Do the failures reappear?

If you have github account, you can reply directly to the pull request.
(Test logs can be uploaded to pastebin.)


Pauli Virtanen

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