[SciPy-User] I'm new..numpy/scipy installation problems plz help!

Rob m3atwad@gmail....
Mon Oct 29 18:45:27 CDT 2012


I'm trying to install matplotlib to do some basic plotting for a wxpython 
GUI.  From what I've read I need to install scipy and numpy as well.  I've 
already got python 2.7 32 bit up and running with wxpython and some other 
stuff so I want to add the plotting capablity to this.  On a clean build I 
got numpy working by just downloading the prebuilt binaries for python 2.7 
32 bit and installed it with the msi installer.  This created a numpy 
folder in site packages and I was able to import it and start using it 
without any errors.  I tried to do the same thing for sci py and no luck. 
 I get an error in aptana studios/eclipse saying it can't find scipy.  I've 
been trying to figure this out for a while now....   Are there any 
dependencies I need to install? Am I really required to get a compiler and 
compile all this for windows 7?  It seems extremely difficult to get all 
this working and I'm out of stuff to google.  What do I need to do in 
addition to running the scipy and numpy installers from source forge?  I 
thought you could basically just extract them to site packages, import the 
modules and away you go but that hans't been the case for me so far.

Windows 7
32 bit python 2.7

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