[SciPy-User] inline weave, windows OS, and setup

Michael ODonnell odonnems@yahoo....
Tue Sep 4 09:53:26 CDT 2012

I would like to use the scipy weave inline and gcc compiler on a windows 7 environment. I have tried installing cygwin, but the gcc compiler is not properly invoked from weave because windows 7 does not support symlinks. If I direct the compiler to gcc-3.exe or 4, I get a different error. As far as I can tell from the weave documentation, I need mingw32 2.95.2, but the documentation does not seem up to date.

Is anyone using weave on windows successful and if so do you have any suggestions on setting this up? I used weave successfully about 5-7 years ago but it has been some time and I cannot get it to run again. 

thank you for your help,
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