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As has been mentioned previously, the ecosystem is a fairly vague concept - an ad-hoc definition could however be that if a package uses/knows about numpy ndarrays or imports numpy, then it's part of the greater scipy ecosystem. That is not to say that all such packages should be included in a scipy/pylab distribution standard. It would be an interesting project to try and automatically scrape pipi looking for numpy imports, and to build a list of such packages.


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Subject: [SciPy-User] SciPy ecosystem
Can anyone give me a _precise_ definition of what the "SciPy ecosystem" is, and is not? 

For example, let's say I have or have seen some code somewhere.
How do I tell quickly whether it is or is not included in this "SciPy ecosystem"?
What characteristics of the code do I use to determine whether it is or is not part of this "ecosytem"?

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