[SciPy-User] I have a problem with weave library_dirs option

SungHwan Choi sunghwanchoi91@gmail....
Fri Sep 14 01:43:02 CDT 2012

Dear all,
I have the problem that the library files for my code are on both /usr/lib/
and some other directory. however, I want to make my code not refer it from
/usr/local/ so I put  library_dirs="PATH_THAT_I_WANT" option. It
looks working well; but when I delete the library file on /usr/lib/ the
code raise error. I filnally know that my code refer the library from not
directroy that I want but simply /usr/local/

Is there anyone who can explain the priority that weave find the library as
defalt? and also how to make my code refer the library from the path that I

please help me.... I already waste several days.

Sunghwan Choi
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