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Dag Sverre Seljebotn d.s.seljebotn@astro.uio...
Mon Sep 17 03:17:29 CDT 2012

On 09/04/2012 04:14 AM, The Helmbolds wrote:
> Names are extremely important. To steal from Mark Twain, the difference
> between the best name and a poorer name is the difference between the
> lightning and the lightning bug.
> A good name captures attention, stimulates interest, succinctly
> describes the thing named, and has a positive connotation. Accordingly,
> time spent choosing a great name is well worth it.
> Now, SciPy is a perfectly good name. It’s well-established and widely
> known and respected. I urge that it be retained and used /exactly/ the
> way it is currently defined.

The whole problem is that the name is NOT defined currently.

The SciPy and EuroScipy conferences are emphatically NOT about the SciPy 
library. And http://scipy.org is not just about the SciPy library, it's 
some weird hybrid, but leans more towards presenting numerical Python 
ecosystem than being about the library (even the Download link puts 
NumPy first in the list!)

> If there is a need for a name that includes more than just SciPy, then I
> suggest we consider something like the following:

The problem is that the SciPy name has been used for "more than just 
SciPy" for a long time.

Currently, the discussion about the pylab.org domain is going on in the 
NumFOCUS list. But are people willing to rename the conferences? 
Otherwise there will just be more confusion.

Dag Sverre

> *MatSysPy*, pronounced"mat-sis-pie". Short for "mathematical system for
> advanced, large-scale scientific, industrial, medical and engineering
> computation and graphical display.” MatSysPy currently includes the
> powerful and versatile NumPy, SciPy, and MatPlotLib modules. Their
> capabilities are constantly being expanded and improved, and other
> modules may be added later. These stand-alone modules are carefully
> designed to take full advantage of Python’s popular programming and
> scripting language. This enables users to easily invoke those module
> capabilities best suited to their challenging, large-scale computational
> and graphical display tasks. As of this writing, a unified overall
> package providing a fully integrated user interface to these module’s
> vast range of capabilities is in the planning stage. [or "A unified
> overall package providing a fully integrated user interface to these
> module’s vast range of capabilities is under consideration.", whichever
> is most accurate].
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