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Almar Klein a.klein@science-applied...
Fri Sep 21 19:11:45 CDT 2012

Fernando, I enjoyed your rant and think you make great points (although I
don't see why a notebook in an IDE would not be able to work as good as
from a browser).

> - *not* putting *a* notebook system into the spec is a mistake,
> - if one is going to go in, the ipython one is the sensible choice.
> Of course, the overall community may disagree and decide that they
> want pylab to be a spec that stays bounded by the 'shell + editor/ide'
> idea.

The community should not decide anything about what interface the user
should use. By all means, let that be the choice of the user! I think the
question for Pylab is not "do we, or do we not go notebook-style". It's
about specifying base packages. And later maybe documentation, packaging
etc. I really like IPython's idea of the notebook. And if you're right
about them being the future, their popularity will surely grow over time.
But let's not force that on our users right now.

As I said earlier, I have no objection of including IPython in the base
packages. But I do have an objection against picking one interface and
saying that is *the* one. If IPython is to be included it should be for the
reasons Thomas indicated; to have something usable that's always there and
on which all the tutorials are based.

Just my opinion,
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