[SciPy-User] Pylab - standard packages

Andreas Hilboll lists@hilboll...
Sun Sep 23 14:17:31 CDT 2012

Am 23.09.2012 14:35, schrieb Thomas Kluyver:
> I've put a draft version of the specification up here:
> https://github.com/pylab/website/blob/master/specification.rst
> It's still based on the slide Fernando posted. A couple of packages
> are in active discussion:
> - The IPython notebook has prompted a lot of debate. If you haven't
> yet voted, please do so: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/567610
> - The author of h5py has offered it for inclusion, but no-one else has
> spoken up for or against it. I'd like to hear from users of both that
> and PyTables (another interface to HDF5 files).

I'm in favor of including both pytables and h5py. Otherwise, there will 
be people disappointed by pylab because a script given to them by 
someone else doesn't work.

Additionally, I'm also in favor of including both pyhdf (for HDF4 I/O) 
and the netCDF4 module.

Why? At least in my field, most data are in netCDF4 or HDF4 or HDF5 
formats. And there's many scientists who've been working with 
Matlab/IDL/... for years. It's hard to get them to even look at pylab. 
To make pylab as attractive as possible to newcomers (to pylab, not to 
computational science staff alltogether), it should be as easy as 
possible to work with the most basic file formats -- that's ascii 
(through numpy/pandas), images, and some standard binary formats.

Of course, that would let the list of binary dependencies grow 
(libnetcdf4, libhdf). Maybe it's not a good idea to include them in the 
base standard. There would be room in some 'pylab-full', or some other 
flavoured specs.

Just my 2 ct ...


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