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Almar Klein a.klein@science-applied...
Mon Sep 24 03:17:41 CDT 2012

> We discussed it recently with Carlos Cordoba (a Spyder dev), but I'm
> not sure what the issue is, nor whether IPython, Spyder or both need
> to fix things. I've just opened an (IPython) issue to work this out:
> https://github.com/ipython/ipython/issues/2425

I realize my previous comment on this was rather vague. What I was trying
to say is that I do not think specifying the latest IPython version in
pylab will cause serious problems for Python(x,y). It should easily be able
to include the IPython executable in the way that other people use it, i.e.
independent from its IDE (Spyder).

The integration of the newer IPython (or a notebook interface) in Spyder is
much more difficult. It would be great if in time this would be available
too, but I don't think it's a prerequisite for Python(x,y) to be
pylab compliant.

But as you pointed out, it would be nice to hear what Pierre et al think
about this.

Almar: thanks for the mention of imageio. By the sounds of it, that
> makes two votes (yours and Ralf's) in favour of FreeImage over PIL?

Well, FreeImage is only a C++ library. sk-image uses it as one of its ways
to load images. So my take on this would be to let sk-image do the image
loading for now, and include imagio in the standard if it is more mature.
sk-image can then use imageio as a plugin.

(note that there are one or two other wrappers around the imageio library,
but Zach started fresh because their codebases weren't very nice.)

It would be great if we can avoid including PIL in the standard, but I
think that many people depend on it. So others might argue differently ...

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