[SciPy-User] Pylab - standard packages

William Furnass will@thearete.co...
Tue Sep 25 04:24:26 CDT 2012

Something that could raise awareness and expedite the adoption of the
Pylab standard under Linux would be the availability of repositories
for some of the most common distributions (e.g. Ubuntu, Fedora,
RHEL-a-likes).  As a number of distributions take a while to catch up
with the latest releases of ipython etc making Ubuntu PPA and
repos.fedorapeople.org repositories available could provide people
with a familar, quick and easy means to install Pylab.  Not sure
whether we would want distribution package managers automatically
upgrading packages though when new Pylab standards/packages are
released.  Any thoughts?

On a related note it might be a good opportunity to bring the
fairly-official-looking Scipy PPA [1] up to date.

[1] https://launchpad.net/~scipy/+archive/ppa



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