[SciPy-User] Problems with scipy.integrate.quad and sinusoidal weights

Per Nielsen evilper@gmail....
Fri Sep 28 03:51:58 CDT 2012

Hi all,

I am getting some strange (wrong or highly unaccurate) results when I try
to use scipy.integrate.quad to integrate highly oscillatory functions.
Please consider the following code:

In [40]: from scipy.integrate import quad

In [41]: from math import exp, sin, cos

In [42]: fsin = lambda x: exp(-x) * sin(100*x)

In [43]: quad(fsin, 0., 10., args=(), weight='sin', wvar=100.)
Out[43]: (0.4974066723952844, 0.0005303917238325333)

In [44]: quad(fsin, 0., 10., args=())
Out[44]: (0.0099990111781435, 0.0006814046027542903)

where the last line, without the weight function gives the correct result.

I have looked at the documentain for quad at:


and to me this should be the way to integrate fsin. Am I misunderstanding
the arguments or whats going on? :)

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