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> > The various data produced by fmin_cobyla routine are printed using a
> direct call to PRINT from within the fortran routine. This is less than
> optimal because if you are not running in a terminal (ie, at python, or
> ipython) you won't see any of the output.
> >
> > So try executing the example or changing the disp parameter while
> running from the console, and they will work as expected.
> >
> > I'd say this is a big gotcha that should be noted in the docs at
> least.  The better choice would really be to patch cobyla2.f so that
> this would work even in the ipython qtconsole or wherever Bob is
> running his code.
> >
> > If there really is something to line 165
> (https://github.com/scipy/scipy/blob/master/scipy/optimize/cobyla.py#L1
> 65) it's not obvious to me.  Could you elaborate?
> >
> > Eric
> Thanks! This explains a lot of this "now you see it, now you don't"
> business. FYI, I haven't even seen a terminal in the last 25-30 years.
> I'm retired with no access to any commercial or academic support, and
> running on a Gateway desktop under Windows 7 and the latest Python
> 2.7.x and NumPy/SciPy versions. So I'd love to have a sentence or two
> from you noting the difference in returns depending on whether console
> is being used or not. I'd like to use them in my prospective revision
> of fmin_cobyla's docstring.
> Wonder how many other SciPy wrapped-Fortran programs have the same
> behavior?
> Well, I think it's line number 165. Whatever the right number, it's the
> return command from "def fmin_cobyla". That line says to return from
> fmin_cobyla the Results stuff it got from fmin_cobyla's call to
> _minimize_cobyla. But -- when you find it, pay close attention to it's
> last five characters, which are ['x']. Those five characters pick out
> just the part of the Results dictionary that corresponds to the key
> 'x', I.e., the final value of the argument of the objective function.
> One "fix" would be to modify the return statement to return just the
> argument, and to return all of the Results stuff otherwise. OTOH, Ralf
> Gommers might properly object on the grounds of it's effect on existing
> code.
> As far as "gotcha", well, it certainly got me! Again, thanks for your
> astute observations!
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I suppose I should have been clearer.  I don't mean a hardware terminal. I mean a terminal emulator running on your computer.  So for windows 7, run cmd.exe, and execute python.exe, which if it isn't in your path, will likely be c:\Python27\python.exe.  My tests were done with scipy 0.9 on windows 7, but there is no reason to think that this isn't still true with newer versions of scipy.


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