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And even FFTW has not a real 2 anymore with the 3.0 API. Although the
construction is only really costly the first time you build a plan, you
have to create them with the actual input and output array pointers!


2013/4/17 Neal Becker <ndbecker2@gmail.com>

> I'm looking for some fft code that has:
> 1. commercial-friendly license
> 2. seperates construction (which involves costly trig functions) from
> repeated
> use (which should use only multiply-add)
> An example of (2) is fftw, but that doesn't meet (1).
> I've seen plenty of examples that have (1) but not (2) - these use fft as a
> function, which has no state.  fft should be written as a class, where in
> the
> constructor all the trig functions are determined.
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