[SciPy-User] Default tolerances for scipy.integrate.quadrature

Andrew Nelson andyfaff@gmail....
Wed Apr 24 08:21:22 CDT 2013

Dear list,
I am using scipy.integrate.quadrature to do some adaptive gaussian
quadrature.  I am wondering about the default options for the

tol=1.49e-8, rtol=1.49e-8

I was wondering where these numbers come from?  Are they related to
some sort of hardware feature (e.g. related to machine precision)?

Whilst I'm on this topic, I've noticed that a minimum number of
adaption iterations for my problem using this function is
approximately 10.  I was wondering if it would be possible to add a
'startingOrder' keyword, so that the iteration could start from a 10th
order integration?  I don't mind trying to add this myself, if it
would prove useful for scipy.
Dr. Andrew Nelson


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