[SciPy-User] Storing return values of optimize.fmin()

Jeroen Meidam jmeidam@nikhef...
Mon Apr 22 05:07:44 CDT 2013


I am using optimize.fmin to minimize a function over 2 parameters.
In the documentation it says that the output is:
    (xopt, {fopt, iter, funcalls, warnflag})

I have no problem putting xopt into a variable, because this is simply done
by writing:
    xopt = fmin(function,x0)
After which I can use xopt for anything I need it for.

What I want however, is to store "fopt" into a variable, like I did with
xopt. In the standard case, fopt is only returned as text in the output
Optimization terminated successfully.
         Current function value: -0.995801  <--- This is what I'm
interested in
         Iterations: 35
         Function evaluations: 71

How can I store it into a variable? Is it possible?

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