[SciPy-User] number of tests

Davide Del Vento ddvento@ucar....
Mon Feb 11 22:00:23 CST 2013

I compiled scipy 0.11.0 myself with the intel compiler, on top of
numpy 1.6.2 (with intel compiler too and MKL). I'm trying to assess
whether or not everything has been build fine. Since my machine is
actually a cluster, I'm running the tests in different configurations
(login node and batch script). However, I'm confused by the number of
tests which ran.
On the login nodes (either interactively or in a script without the
tty) I get:

Ran 6218 tests in 514.867s
FAILED (KNOWNFAIL=17, SKIP=42, errors=1, failures=1)

Whereas in a remote batch node (with a script) I get:

Ran 6167 tests in 271.833s
FAILED (KNOWNFAIL=17, SKIP=42, errors=201, failures=1)

I am not worried about the difference in timing, since it's about what
I expected. However, I am surprised about the different number of
tests that ran, because I'd expect it to be the same (possibly with
difference in success vs failure vs skipped, but not in the overall 
Instead I've got 51 "missing" test while running in a remote node.
Should have been the number of errors 52, I'd suspect an odd way of
counting what had run, however the difference in errors is 200, so it 
be something else.

Why is it so?

Thanks and Regards,

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