[SciPy-User] (Possible) new optimization routines - scipy.optimize

Dave Hirschfeld dave.hirschfeld@gmail....
Fri Feb 15 04:49:54 CST 2013

Andrea Gavana <andrea.gavana <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hi All,
>     as my team and I are constantly facing very hard/complex numerical
> optimization problems, I have taken a look at the various *global*
> optimization routines available in Python and I thought I could throw
> in a couple of algorithms I implemented, mostly drawing from my
> previous thesis work.
> I haven't published the code for the two algorithms (yet), as they are
> not quite up to the documentation standards of scipy. However, if
> there is interest from the community to add them (or one of them) to
> scipy.optimize I will be happy to polish them up and contribute to
> this great library. The same applies to the benchmark test suite.
> Andrea.

I can't speak for the maintainers however as a user I'm definitely 
interested in scipy having more optimization capabilities, especially 
in the tricky global optimization area.

Having to install a different package for each optimiser you want 
to try is a pain, especially on Windows where they often require
extensive knowledge of both distutils and general compilation of
C/C++ software.


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