[SciPy-User] (Possible) new optimization routines - scipy.optimize

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Mon Feb 18 14:45:13 CST 2013

18.02.2013 22:30, Andrea Gavana kirjoitti:
> I am not very familiar (i.e., close to
> zero) with the PR process, but I'll see what I can do. I can of course
> provide a patch, which is so much easier than the entire PR chain

It's not that much more difficult than patches, and way easier than
patch queues:

- create account on github.com, log in
- click fork at https://github.com/scipy/scipy
- git clone -o github git@github.com:YOURUSERNAME/scipy.git

- git branch my-feature
- edit
- git commit -m "commit message"
- git push github my-feature
- go to https://github.com/YOURUSERNAME/scipy and click
  "Pull request" next to "my-feature"

Pauli Virtanen

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