[SciPy-User] installing scipy under rhel 5

Tom Aldcroft aldcroft@head.cfa.harvard....
Tue Feb 19 15:37:37 CST 2013

I use a home-brew package installer for CentOS5 (RHEL5) which is not
pretty but does successfully build SciPy and its dependencies all from
source.  (For bonus you can see how to build Gtk+ and PyGtk on RHEL5
which is even harder).  The build script  includes the exact version
numbers (sometimes not the latest) that are known to work.

You can try building scipy following the steps in these build scripts:


The exact versions of libraries that are known to work are available in:


There is also a lot of cruft in there related to our work environment
that you should ignore.

Hope that helps,

On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 4:04 PM, Paul Tremblay <paulhtremblay@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been trying to install scipy for rhel 5 all day and have had no luck.
> I know rhel is something like a decade old, but my job requires I use it.
> I installed numpy and matplotlib with almost no problem. Both packages told
> me I needed blas and lapack. I downloaded the rpms and installed them.
> However, when I try to build with
> python2.7 setup.py build
> I get the following message:
>  Blas (http://www.netlib.org/blas/) libraries not found.
>     Directories to search for the libraries can be specified in the
>     numpy/distutils/site.cfg file (section [blas]) or by setting
>     the BLAS environment variable.
> I know I need to link to BLAS, but I can't find this library anywhere.
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