[SciPy-User] _dop.error: failed in processing argument list for call-back fcn.

SHIHUI GUO sguo@bournemouth.ac...
Tue Feb 26 04:09:06 CST 2013

HI all,

I want to use scipy to implement an oscillator, ie. solving a secod-order
ordinary differential equation, my code is:
from scipy.integrate import ode

y0,t0 = [0, 1], 0

def fun(t, y, params):
    rou = 1
    omega = 10
    sigma = 1
    # convergence rate, ie, lambda
    conrate = 10
    temp = -conrate*((y[0]^2+y[1]^2)/rou^2-sigma)
    dy = temp*y[0] - omega*y[1]
    ddy = omega*y[0] + temp*y[1]
    return [dy, ddy]

test = ode(fun).set_integrator('dopri5')
test.set_initial_value(y0, t0)
t1 = 10
dt = 0.1

while test.successful() and test.t<t1:
    print test.t, test.yy

The error says:
_dop.error: failed in processing argument list for call-back fcn.
File "/home/shepherd/python/research/testode.py", line 23, in <module>
line 333, in integrate
  self.f_params, self.jac_params)
line 827, in run
  tuple(self.call_args) + (f_params,)))

Previously I use the ubuntu default python, and scipy is 0.9.0. Some thread
says it is a bug and has been fixed in 0.10.0, so I switched to enthought,
now the scipy is newest version, but the error remains.

Thanks for any help.



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United Kingdom

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