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Wed Jan 9 16:32:28 CST 2013

Dear community members,

We are working hard to organize the SciPy2013 conference (Scientific
Computing with Python) <http://conference.scipy.org/scipy2013/>, this June
24th-29th in Austin, TX. We would like to probe the community about the
themes you would be interested in contributing to or participating in for
the mini-symposia at SciPy2013.

These mini-symposia are held to discuss scientific computing applied to a
specific *scientific domain/industry* during a half afternoon after the
general conference. Their goal is to promote industry specific libraries
and tools, and gather people with similar interests for discussions. For
example, the SciPy2012<http://conference.scipy.org/scipy2012/schedule/conf_schedule_1.php>
successfully hosted 4 mini-symposia on Astronomy/Astrophysics,
Bio-informatics, Meteorology, and Geophysics.

Please join us and voice your opinion to shape the next SciPy conference at:



The Scipy2013 organizers

Jonathan Rocher, PhD
Scientific software developer
Enthought, Inc.
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