[SciPy-User] audio related scikits fortune

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Wed Jan 16 02:23:25 CST 2013

Can anyone provide more information about these scikits:

 - audiolab (wrapper to libsndfile)
 - samplerate (wrapper to libsamplerate)
 - talkbox (couple of speech related functions)

They are all by the same author and it seems to me like some rapid event
caused their abandonment some 3 years ago. All had future plans and TODOs,
and are moderately popular according pypi data.

Also I experienced that their packaging is unfortunate and documentation
hard to generate. No binary distributions and neither package reads
standard library/include folders, but manually editing site.cfg is required.

Github issues and PR are frozen. I opened issue on one of packages asking
for information, but got no response, so I thought that maybe someone here
knows more about it.

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