[SciPy-User] numpy test fails with "Illegal instruction'

Gerhard Burger burger.ga@gmail....
Thu Jan 17 03:33:12 CST 2013

Dear numpy/scipy users,

I am trying to get numpy to work on my computer, but so far no luck.

When I run `numpy.test(verbose=10)` it crashes with

    test_polyfit (test_polynomial.TestDocs) ... Illegal instruction

In the FAQ it states that I should provide the following information
(running Ubuntu 12.04 64bit):

    os.name = 'posix'
    uname -r = 3.2.0-35-generic
    sys.platform = 'linux2'
    sys.version = '2.7.3 (default, Aug  1 2012, 05:14:39) \n[GCC 4.6.3]'

Atlas is not installed (not required for numpy, only for scipy right?)

It fails both when I install numpy 1.6.2 with `pip install numpy` and if I
install the latest dev version from git.

Can someone give me some pointers on how to solve this?
I will be grateful for any help you can provide.

Kind regards,
Gerhard Burger
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