[SciPy-User] [ANN] HoloPy 2.0

Tom Dimiduk tdimiduk@physics.harvard....
Thu Jan 31 21:46:58 CST 2013

I am pleased to announce the release of HoloPy 2.0:

HoloPy is my research group's tool for working with digital holograms 
and computational light scattering.

We are attempting to do for the classic light scattering codes what 
numpy did for BLAS and LAPACK: take a powerful well tested tool and 
provide a flexible high level interface that makes it easy to do cool 
new things.

HoloPy provides easy tools to:

* Load and visualize images, and associate them with experimental metadata
* Reconstruct 3D volumes from digital holograms
* Do Scattering Calculations:
       - Compute Holograms, electric fields, scattered intensity, cross 
sections, ...
       - From spheres, clusters of spheres, and arbitrary structures 
(using DDA)
* Make precise measurements by fitting scattering models (based on the 
above structures) to experimental data.

If anyone on this list works with Holograms or Light Scattering, I 
encourage you to check it out, tell us what you find useful, or things 
you would like it to do.

Potentially of interest to others, we have what I think are some 
interesting takes on setting up minimization problems and using numpy 
arrays with physical imaging type data.

Tom Dimiduk
Manoharan Lab
Harvard University

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