[SciPy-User] Curious about the contents of __config__.py

klo uo klonuo@gmail....
Mon Jul 1 19:46:27 CDT 2013


I downloaded latest installers for numpy and scipy from sourceforge,
as I wasn't feeling ambitious to build from source.


lists library dirs as:

  numpy: 'library_dirs': ['C:\\local\\lib\\atlas\\sse3']
  scipy: 'library_dirs': ['C:\\local\\lib\\yop\\sse3']


  numpy: 'define_macros': [('NO_ATLAS_INFO', -1)]
  scipy: 'define_macros': [('ATLAS_INFO', '"\\"?.?.?\\""')]

As I had already compiled ATLAS libraries, I edited all __config__.py
files and set this:

  'library_dirs': ['C:\\lib\\ATLAS3.6.0_P4SSE2']
  'define_macros': [('ATLAS_INFO', '"\\"3.6.0\\""')]

I'm curious what is this good for? Is it only about packaging? Does
other python packages depend on these variables set in __config__.py
files, and is it fine that I did edit the files to reflect my system?

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