[SciPy-User] [Common IR] Introductions

Andy Ray Terrel andy.terrel@gmail....
Tue Jul 2 07:20:13 CDT 2013

Hello all,

I'm emailing everyone who may be interested in this topic.  I would
love to keep everything on one archival list, since NumFOCUS is a
common place for many projects, I'm sending things there.  Further
emails should drop all folks except numfocus@googlegroups.com , to
join the list email numfocus+subscribe@googlegroups.com with the word
Subscribe as the subject.


At SciPy2013, we had a discussion about creating a common intermediate
representation to support the wide array of code generation activities
going on in the Python ecosystem.  My summary can be found at:


It is a wiki, feel free to edit.


I will be sending a number of emails to the NumFOCUS list that are
different responses from emails around the event. Please forward this
email to folks you think would be interested.

-- Andy

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