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Fri Jul 5 12:19:50 CDT 2013

Also, I wanted to suggest that we also keep in mind some use-cases (i.e. 
real applications) in mind. One of the issues I have is that while I may 
think up any number of fancy constructs for GPUs, I don't often find that 
many applications that can benefit from GPUs due to issues such as data 
transfer overhead or insufficient parallelism. Having some real 
applications, written in Python (not a simple wrapper around a C library), 
as expected use cases for the IR will be very helpful. 


On Friday, July 5, 2013 1:09:57 PM UTC-4, Rahul Garg wrote:
> Hi everyone. 
> Just wanted to say I am also watching the topic with interest.  I have 
> been building a compiler toolkit (with emphasis on toolkit, it is 
> completely reusable for anyone) for CPUs and GPUs myself and has many of 
> the ideas discussed here. I am hoping to make the framework public soon. 
> rahul
> PhD student
> McGill University
> On Tuesday, July 2, 2013 8:20:13 AM UTC-4, Andy Terrel wrote:
>> Hello all, 
>> I'm emailing everyone who may be interested in this topic.  I would 
>> love to keep everything on one archival list, since NumFOCUS is a 
>> common place for many projects, I'm sending things there.  Further 
>> emails should drop all folks except numf...@googlegroups.com , to 
>> join the list email numfocus+...@googlegroups.com with the word 
>> Subscribe as the subject. 
>> Subject 
>> ----------- 
>> At SciPy2013, we had a discussion about creating a common intermediate 
>> representation to support the wide array of code generation activities 
>> going on in the Python ecosystem.  My summary can be found at: 
>> https://github.com/IgnitionProject/ignition/wiki/CodeGenComposability_Scipy2013 
>> It is a wiki, feel free to edit. 
>> Further 
>> ---------- 
>> I will be sending a number of emails to the NumFOCUS list that are 
>> different responses from emails around the event. Please forward this 
>> email to folks you think would be interested. 
>> -- Andy 
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