[SciPy-User] peer review of scientific software

zetah otrov@hush...
Sun Jun 2 08:29:27 CDT 2013

Thomas Kluyver wrote:
>You're technically correct... the best kind of correct. ;-) I wrote VBA
>macros once years ago. But the group of users we're discussing 
>don't use those features. It's not a natural extension of making 
>spreadsheets, but a completely different set of skills to learn. And I don't think we 
>want to encourage them down that route - data analysis in VBA or even .NET 
>would be much more offputting than using Python/R/Matlab.

Oops... did I jump in semi-private discussion?
Apologies, I wasn't aware, I thought you guys discuss scientific software generally, and I just read last couple of emails in my inbox.


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