[SciPy-User] peer review of scientific software

zetah otrov@hush...
Sun Jun 2 19:59:26 CDT 2013

Thøger Emil Rivera-Thorsen wrote:
>You may of course be perfectly happy with your current work setup, but 
>it seems to me like you could do everything you describe without leaving 
>Python, by using Pandas. Pivot tables, slicing and dicing of 
>heterogenous data types, indexing by multi-layer labels, arbitrary 
>operations on pivoted, sliced and diced data frames, importing/exporting 
>csv, ascii, html and even LaTeX, quick plotting for data ionspection 
>purposes etc.

I tried it shortly couple of month ago or so, and it seemed like impressive work in progress. I remember time series handling was very intuitive, but I didn't study the module for some reason... and I didn't know about pivoting dataframes

>Of course, the interactive element isn't there. On the 
>other hand, it is very powerful, and you don't have to switch between 
>several different environments and tools.

You are right there too, reliable interactive interface provides less mental effort, and surely using same environment has it's benefits.
UI as extension is important, not many get impressed on command line. I hope to see IPython Notebook drive new ideas and attract more developers, more then I expect Excel on Surface to implement new interface exclusively based on touch and filters.

>The frames are basically enhanced numpy arrays, so the data can be 
>passed directly to numpy or matplotlib. Also, if working in the IPython 
>qtconsole or notebook, simply typing the dataframe's name will show it 
>nicely rendered as an html table.
>I have definitely enjoyed working with it.

Sounds like fun. I'll experiment


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