[SciPy-User] ANN: neo 0.3.0 release

Samuel Garcia sgarcia@olfac.univ-lyon1...
Thu Jun 13 04:40:09 CDT 2013

We are pleased to announce the 0.3.0 release of the neo.

Neo is a package for representing electrophysiology data in Python, 
together with support for reading a wide range of neurophysiology file 
formats, including Spike2, NeuroExplorer, AlphaOmega, Axon, Blackrock, 
Plexon, Tdt, and support for writing to a subset of these formats plus 
non-proprietary formats including HDF5.

The goal of Neo is to improve interoperability between Python tools for 
analyzing, visualizing and generating electrophysiology data (such as 
OpenElectrophy, NeuroTools, G-node, Helmholtz, PyNN) by providing a 
common, shared object model. In order to be as lightweight a dependency 
as possible, Neo is deliberately limited to represention of data, with 
no functions for data analysis or visualization.

Neo implements a hierarchical data model well adapted to intracellular 
and extracellular electrophysiology and EEG data with support for 
multi-electrodes (for example tetrodes). Neo's data objects build on the 
quantities_ package, which in turn builds on NumPy by adding support for 
physical dimensions. Thus neo objects behave just like normal NumPy 
arrays, but with additional metadata, checks for dimensional consistency 
and automatic unit conversion.

Release 0.3.0 notes:
   * various bug fixes in neo.io
   * added ElphyIO
   * SpikeTrain performence improved
   * An IO class now can return a list of Block (see read_all_blocks in 
   * python3 compatibility improved

Home page: http://neuralensemble.org/neo
Mailing list: 
Documentation: http://packages.python.org/neo/

The neo team

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