[SciPy-User] SciPy ecosystem and Python 3

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Sat Jun 29 17:14:54 CDT 2013

> scikit-learn

Yes, I saw that the sprint here in Austin was planning to work on Py3
support. Olivier, how did that go?

On 29 June 2013 22:47, Ralf Gommers <ralf.gommers@gmail.com> wrote:

> Before recommending Python 3.x over 2.x I think it's important to not only
> have the very latest release or master branch of projects support 3.x, but
> at least 1 or 2 more versions. Reason: a lot of users (I suspect the
> majority) will not be able to freely upgrade to the latest version of
> projects.

I certainly wouldn't count a project as having Py3 support until there's a
released version. But if they can't upgrade to the latest version, chances
are that they also don't have a choice between Py2 and Py3, so our
recommendation doesn't matter much to them. In that case, the
recommendation is targeting the sysadmin who will be deciding what to
install next year.

> Packaging and documentation are of course also important. No 2to3 perhaps
> desirable.

Packaging: Debian/Ubuntu already have all the core SciPy stack packages
except sympy for Python 3 (and I'm working on getting sympy done). Do we
know where other distros are?

Docs: I suspect there's still some way to go, but a lot of that will
probably be quite mechanical print -> print(). Some of this will have to be
part of the 'Python 3 D-day', because we probably don't want to make all
the docs assume Python 3 while we're still recommending Python 2.

No 2to3: Desirable, but not essential, I think. It's more of a developer
problem than a user problem.

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