[SciPy-User] Spline interpolation array instead of loop?

Michael Aye michael.aye@ucla....
Fri Mar 1 18:18:39 CST 2013


So, I have to do the same spine interpolation (same=same x-axis) for 
189 data channels, so I was wonderding if there is a way to store the 
189 measurements into a 2D array and to set that at once to an 
interpolator, is that possible somehow?

I noticed that InterpolatedUnivariateSpline does not allow me to do 
that, it seems.

So, in other words, what I would like to be able to do is:

len(x) = 20

len(y_i) = 20

i = 1 ..189

y.shape == (20,189)

s = UnivariateSpline(x, y)

res = s(new_x)

res.shape == (20, 189)

Does something like that exist?

Have a nice weekend!

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