[SciPy-User] Best way to feed data to Gnuplot?

Andrew Fraser afraser@lanl....
Wed Mar 27 12:26:01 CDT 2013

I switched from gnuplot to matplotlib in 2008.  The new code is a little
easier to read but the plots from gnuplot looked better.

To get access to all of the features of gnuplot, I fed custom commands
to it through a pipe.  I figured out how to do it by looking at the
source for the Gnuplot.py package that you mention.  Since I wanted many
features not provided by the package, I just used the pipe rather than
Gnuplot.py.  I wrote data to files and used the pipe to issue commands
to a gnuplot process.

On 03/27/2013 10:45 AM, Florian Lindner wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to utilise gnuplot for my plots. I know about matplotlib, but I don't 
> like it (interface, appearance).
> What is the best way to feed data from a numpy array to gnuplot? At the moment 
> I try to use it like gnuplot -e "plot '-' ...." and write the data to stdin:
> 1,2,3
> 2,6,5
> e
> 10,20,30
> Is there a better way? What is the best to print the numpy data in the correct 
> format?
> There is a Gnuplot.py package, however that seems very outdated, last version 
> is from 2008. According to the docs it still depends on Numeric.
> Thanks!
> Florian
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